Company Introduction

K2 International Medical Inc.

In 2006, K2 International Medical Inc. was established by a group of nephrologists and professionals with more than 20 years of hemodialysis service experience.
The product range covers Hemodialysis, Plasmapheresis, Blood Banking, Aesthetic business and other products and services.

In 2018, joined BenQ Group company to share group resources and develop international markets.

in 2019, was established K2 Medical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to actively enter the ASEAN market.

Currently overseas branches of the K2 Medical, include China (Shanghai), Thailand, and Indonesia. In the future, we will continue to establish new overseas bases.


K2 Aesthetic Medicine

It is a aesthetic business group under the K2 Medical company.

K2 is the exclusive distributor of various aesthetic devices. ​We are specialized in marketing, distributing, managing of aesthetic medical equipment, laser/light-based technologies, and cosmetics in Taiwan market.
The main business is sales, maintenance services, and integrated marketing for foreign medical cosmetology related equipment. To have sustainable development with every customer, K2 makes an all-out effort to support customers in terms of customized marketing, aesthetician training and clinical operation consultation. We place great value in customer relationships and spare no expense to ensure the success of each of our customers.

BenQ Group company

- Delivers Advanced Healthcare Services

BenQ draws on skills and expertise accumulated from our profound market experiences and clinical resources at BenQ Medical Center to provide market-leading medical equipment and personal healthcare products and service powered by the most advanced medical care technologies. BenQ's ultimate value is to provide a patient-focused healthcare value chain which everyone can trust to enjoy a healthier life.Because feeling healthier matters


The Business Strategies of BenQ's Medical

By investing over 10 billion NTD, BenQ Group has been working hard in the healthcare industry for over a decade. We focus on four of the most significant areas: professional medical equipment, medical solution, aesthetic medicine products and medical services.
With extensive experiences of ODM / OEM collaboration with numerous international medical suppliers, BenQ Group is confident in developing and enhancing medical products that help the world. In addition, BenQ is well-placed to take full advantage of resource-sharing. The diversified medical product lines allow us to avoid risks in development and production and to utilize integrated resources to meet the needs of front-line healthcare professionals.

Aesthetic Business Group

The aesthetic business team is composed of sales, marketing specialist, clinical trainers and technicians to provide immediate and rapid services.


Our sales are well-experienced in this field over decade.



Marketing planning: Product launch, Conference, WorkShop, Training , etc.

Media resources, Public relations, and Integrated marketing.

Clinical trainer

Registered professional nurse background, provide products education training.

Market research analysis.


Certified trained by original manufacturer.

Technical issues such as after-sales service, repair and maintenance.

K2 Aesthetic Medicine Vision


Become a leader in Taiwan's medical beauty equipment field, and form a strong competitive team in the medical biotechnology industry with our BenQ Group company in various fields to provide customers with the highest quality and most comprehensive services. In order to realize this vision, we must have the following capabilities:
1. Be a market insight, create brand awareness, and provide physician-specific marketing strategies.
2. Is a professional leader, is a good partner with original factories all over the world, introduces new technology, new technology, and finds the best equipment for Taiwan's medical treatment.
3. It is the most reputable, service-oriented, and the provider with the greatest overall interests of customers.


Bring the technology back to Taiwan, cultivate deeply in this land, and give back to the society. Grow together with customers and develop the market together.

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