Triple Long Pulsed Laser System

ELEMENT-TL is a Premium Long Pulsed Laser with three wavelength (Alexandrite+Nd:Yag+KTP) in one machine. By adding KTP-532nm to the previous Dual Laser system (Nd:Yag-1064nm, Alexandrite-755nm), the economics, space and practicality have improved.

Explore the Versatility of ELEMENT-TL

  • Various lesions can be treated using energy optimized for melanin, collagen, hair root, and hemoglobin using each laser wavelength.
  • Treatment of pigmented diseases such as freckles, age spots and blemishes, and vascular diseases such as capillaries, flushing, and veins.
  • Hair removal from thin to thick
  • Available for various beauty areas such as lifting and whitening
Price:NTD$ 200,000
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