High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

The transducer (handful) of Contlex HIFU emits high-intensity ultrasound that penetrates the treated area to the depth of choice, with geometric precision. Focused ultrasound induced thermal coagulation to different depths of the skin and connective tissue. The thermal coagulation promotes the formation of new collagen fibers and the end result is a non-invasive lifting effect.

Each fixture Contlex HIFU has different cartridges for proper treatment at three depths:

  • Superficial dermis (1.5mm) - Skin Toning Lentigo, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne, Large Pores
  • Derma Deep (3mm) - Wrinkles, nose area - sores, Lifting eye area
  • Connective tissues (SMAS) (4.5mm) - Lifting
Price:NTD$ 200,000
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